3 Ways to Paint Flower Pots

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painted flower pots

Can’t get those flower pots out of my head!

Here are 3 easy ways to finish simple terracotta flower pots, for use in an indoor garden. These three flower pots are a faux painted, cement like finish, stucco and decoupage. Like the tri-umverate of craftiness – thanks to Carol Duvall that I know how to do all of these techniques!

These can totally change the look of your decor, and you can personalize the paint treatment to match.

I took a bunch of flower pots I had hanging around, and just started priming them, inside and out. I hoped that I would figure out what to do with them when inspiration struck.

1. Faux painted flower pot


painted flower pots

The first is a painted faux finish to approximate the look of cement. I have a cement planter, found here, that I love, but I only have one of them. I decided to try and paint a planter to look like cement. If that didn’t work, you know what is coming next. I feel the urge to make a concrete planter. But, that is for another time…

Confession time – I love faux painted surfaces! When did they suddenly go out of style? I didn’t realize faux was out of style until my real estate agent made me paint over one of my walls. She said NO one liked faux any more. Well, I have news for her – I think it is staging a comeback – from the posts I have seen around Pinterest – it is coming!

I find that faux paint and sponging works better if you choose 3 or four paints that are similar in color.

  • First, tape the rim with masking tape.
  • Then, paint a base coat of gray
  • Using a sea sponge, sponge on a mix of gray, black, a little bit of blue, and white, layering until they blended. Also make sure that the colors didn’t completely mix
  • Then, thin some black and white paint and flicked droplets on
  • Sponge some of the droplets to blend a little, and leave some as droplets.
  • All in all, it is a very random process, but the good news is, you really can’t go wrong. If you don’t like it, just keep layering!
  • Once the faux painting is dry, take off the masking tape, and paint 2 coats of white on the rim
  • Finish with a coat of Polycrylic


painted flower pots


2. Stucco and painted flower pot


painted flower pots

For this flower pot, you will need some ready mixed Spackle, a putty knife, primer and acrylic paints.

  • Prime the pot with a paint primer
  • Smear on some of the spackle on with the putty knife. Don’t get it too smooth – the trick is to leave some unevenness so the paint can go into the nooks and crannies
  • When the spackle is dry, it is time to paint! First paint the flower pot white
  • When the white paint is dry, thin a brown paint with some water, and paint that on the spackled area, letting it get into all the nooks
  • Wipe off the majority of the brown paint from the outer surfaces with a rag before the paint drys
  • When the brown has dried, touch up the high points by dry brushing on another layer of white
  • Finally, paint the rim with two coats of white paint. I did not finish this with Polycrylic, as I did not want the stucco to be shiny. So, I am not sure how long this finish will last with any abuse.

painted flower pots


 3. Decoupaged and painted flower pot

painted flower pots

Click here for instructions on the decoupaged and painted flower pot

flower pots for hanging planters

Stucco Flower pot

Decoupaged Flower Pot


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