The Balcony Garden – 5 Great Ways to Grow a Balcony Garden

Balcony garden
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If you worry about growing a garden because all you have available is a small balcony in an urban setting, have no fear! There are several solutions to your problem, each one unique and simple, yet elegant and gorgeous. You can grow any number of plants using hanging gardens, stacking gardens, simple container gardens, or even a railing garden! Here are 5 easy and practical ways to grow a small balcony garden.

balcony gardens
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Container Gardening

One easy way to grow a small urban garden is via container gardening. Whether via flowerpots or pop bottles, using containers to grow vegetables or flowers is one of the best ways to fit a garden onto a balcony. As pictured below, flowerpots can be arranged in attractive ways to grow a variety of different plants to form a small balcony garden. Furthermore, using containers builds a garden whose maintenance is as easy as watering each plant!

Planting containers for balcony garden
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Railing Garden

Another fantastic small garden idea that works especially well on a balcony is the railing garden. Planter boxes and even self-watering planters are widely available methods to hang small gardens from railings, conserving all of the balcony’s floor space! The availability of these planters means that you can plant nearly any type of garden you want using your railing, and their compactness makes them a great space-saving idea for balcony landscaping.

Container garden for balcony gardenPhoto by Ruth Hartnup / CC

Hanging Gardens

Hanging planters are always a great idea for creating a space-saving garden, and conserving space is even more important for small urban gardens, so using a hanging garden is a fantastic small balcony garden idea. You can use hanging wire along with a flowerpot to make a elegant and simple hanging planter, and hanging these planters on the walls of a balcony can form an eye-catching array of plants while still being a compact way to have a garden on your balcony.

Plant hanger for balcony garden
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Stacking gardens

Stacking plants on top of each other is another good way to save space in a small urban garden. This is one of the most versatile methods of balcony gardening, since there are so many different ways to build a stacking garden. You can stack flowerpots on top of each other, making sure that the plants have plenty of room to grow; alternatively, planters made specifically for stacking are made by several different companies. However you choose to go about building a stacking garden, it is certainly a fantastic method of ensuring a small, compact garden.

Stacking flower pot for balcony garden
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Vertical Gardens

Finally, vertical gardening is a great way to save space in an urban setting. Using a wall as the base of a garden is one of the most space-efficient methods of gardening, especially given size constraints. Vertical gardening is also quite simple, as there are many budget solutions for creating your own living wall. And because it uses the wall rather than the floor, it is a perfect solution for balcony landscaping. In addition to its practicality, vertical gardening is also a streamlined and gorgeous way to ensure a good-looking garden despite size constraints.

Vertical Garden for balcony garden
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vertical garden for balcony garden
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