flowerupsWelcome to Flowerups!

I started making planters in 6th grade, when I went to my favorite place on earth, called “Creativity Center.” At the end of that school year, I brought home 2 very wobbly ceramic planters for my Mom’s African Violet collection, and she, being quite kind, has used them for her indoor planting ever since.

One ceramic planter was a ragged edged green and yellow rectangular pot, and one was a hanging planter. I still remember that one, since I recall really wanting the planter itself to be beautiful, for Mom’s flowers. I etched a picture of a flower, later glazed in purple, on the bottom of the pot, so anyone looking up at the hanging planter could see it.

Going home recently, I saw that pot, still proudly holding its precious violets, and was reminded that planters, themselves, should be beautiful and creative and fun, and as much a part of the decor as the plant. And so, I started playing around with making planters again, and having tons of fun doing it.

Now I know that planters can be crazy, elegant, simple, easy, complicated, recycled, because anything goes with these lovely garden containers.

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