DIY Flower pots – Aged Silver

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diy silver flower pots


I make leather and silver plant hangers for etsy. I wanted a beautiful flower pot to stage the hanging planters with that would look pretty, attract attention, and compliment the planter. So, I decided to try a silver flower pot.

First, I went to Dollar Tree and bought plain ceramic flower pots and painted them silver with the following result:


leather hanging planter


O.k. I suppose, but kind of meh. So, I was inspired by this blog, with its beautiful faux aged silver painted flower pots. I love faux painting to decided to give it a try.

Materials needed for this planter tutorial:

  • Terracotta flower pot
  • Silver spray paint
  • Brown spray paint
  • Brown, black and white craft paint
  • Polycrylic
  • Sea sponge

diy silver flower pots

  • First, seal the terracotta pot with Polycrylic
  • Put the pot upside down on a stake, and spray paint it silver
  • Give it a quick, uneven and splotchy spray of brown

diy silver flower pots diy silver flower pots


  • When the spray paint is dry, put some black, white and brown craft paint on a palette
  • Using a sea sponge, put the three colors on the sponge, and blot on the flower pot, in a very uneven manner
  • Keep painting until you reach the desired effect

diy silver flower pots

  • When the craft paint it dry add quick, uneven few splotches of silver spray paint
  • Finish with polycrylic or desired sealer

diy silver flower pots

Here is the finished silver planter with my Flea Market wood succulent planters. Cute!

diy silver flower pots

And, then I loved these flower pots so much, I had a silly photo shoot around the house.

antiqued silver flower pot

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