DIY Garden Ideas for Vertical Gardens

5 Great DIY Garden Ideas for Vertical Gardens to make with items you probably already have at home!

Shelf for vertical garden
Photo by Ruth Hartnup/ CC BY

1. Bookshelves

Anywhere you can hang a bookshelf, you can have a vertical garden – indoors or outdoors! Bookshelves can be used for building a garden on a fence. If you find yourself with a small, fenced-in area or need a centerpiece for a yard, using a bookshelf is one of the most beautiful ways to create a living wall. If you’re looking for a versatile way to create a garden taking almost no yard space, bookshelves are the perfect answer, as they can support a wide variety of plants and create an entertaining atmosphere in the yard.

2. Pallets

When you find yourself with extra shipping pallets, instead of throwing them away, use them to create a rich, colorful backdrop for the environment. By supporting the back of a pallet with black landscape fabric or burlap, it is easy to create a vertical garden with a wide variety of plants; the shape of the pallet with the fabric attached is perfect, as the shape of the wood allows for several deep pockets of soil, which are perfect to create a colorful living wall.

3. Shoe Organizers

DIY Garden Ideas - Vertical Garden Shoe Rack
Photo by wiccahwang/ CC BY

Using shoe organizers is a great way to create a therapeutic vertical garden. Although the pockets of these fabric holders are often small, they are able to easily support herbs and other therapeutic plants, such as basil, thyme, and rosemary. Because shoe organizers are widely available, affordable, and the perfect size for therapeutic herbs and plants, they are excellent at housing sleek, streamlined vertical gardens.

4. Plastic Storage Containers

Ordinary plastic tubs, while not used for planting living walls, are still important as containers for composting. Whether created by cutting plastic tubs into smooth layers, or simply by poking holes in the bottom and forming one extensive container, compost bins formed from plastic tubs are useful, thrifty ways to fertilize any vertical garden.

5. Mason Jars

The uses of mason jars are extensive in living walls. They, like fabric pockets, can be used for creating a beautiful therapeutic garden, full of herbs and other scented plants. And while drilling holes for drainage is necessary, drilling a drainage hole is much simpler than it seems; with a secure grip and a sharp drill, it is quite safe. Furthermore, mason jars are often available in many bright colors; hanging colorful jars with wire on a fence produces an attractive and modern look for your living wall.

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