DIY Hanging Planter – Cut Leather and Grommets

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diy hanging planter leather


This hanging planter DIY caught my eye a couple of weeks ago on Pinterest. The original link is found on And, as Pinterest crafts tend to do, it got stuck in my head and I couldn’t stop thinking about it until I made it for myself. I wanted to make it a little differently (of course) and wanted to try to connect the hanging straps to the hanging planter with grommets, instead of just holes. I thought it might look a little edgier that way (because I am just SO edgy) and I love metal and leather together.

DIY Hanging Planter tutorial leather

I dunno, I think it is kind of pretty this way!

So, here are the materials I used:

DIY Hanging Planter Tutorial - materials

Materials needed:

  1. Leather Scraps
  2. Grommet and Grommet Plier Kit – 3/8 inch
  3. Silver colored craft wire
  4. Scissors
  5. Wire cutters
  6. Pattern has really great directions. They recommend wetting the leather, tracing the pattern onto the leather, and then cutting the leather with an Exacto knife. I found that it was difficult to cut the leather cleanly with an Exacto knife. And, since I am the queen of immediate gratification, and did it my own way.

DIY Hanging Planter - leather pattern

So, I traced the pattern with chalk, being careful to add 4 extra half circles bump outs where the grommets would go. Next, cut out the main shape with scissors. Then, very carefully cut out all of the slits with scissors. Be careful, it is very easy to slip and go the wrong way! But this way worked better for me, and made a cleaner cut.

However, I did waste leather, since it worked much better on my second try. Sadly, that is the way it goes quite often for queens of immediate gratification. Ironic, huh?

DIY Hanging Planter - tutorial

When the basic leather shape and slits are complete, make holes for the grommets. The leather was too thick for my grommet pliers, so I ended up using scissors to make the hole. Then install the grommets in the holes.

DIY Hanging Planter - tutorial

Next, measure 2 pieces of leather lacing to twice the length desired. String one end of the lacing through the one grommet hole and the opposite end of the lacing through the opposite grommet hole. Secure the lacing with some craft wire. Do the same with the second piece of lacing.

And, you are done! What a beautiful, easy craft.

DIY Hanging Planter - tutorial

DIY Hanging Planter with leather - tutorial

DIY Leather hanging planter. Indoor gardening

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