Easter Planters for Spring Porch Decorating

Spring is coming.

No, it really is, I promise. Believe me, no one wants Spring and sun more than I do!

So, as I am sitting here with over one foot of snow outside, what better way is there to encourage the sun along then planning for an Easter container garden?

Here are some wonderful ways to think about planting some Easter decor to brighten up the dregs of winter. These are perfect for decorating your porch or balcony to celebrate the springtime. These Easter garden vignettes also make wonderful center pieces or are fun to plant with children. Kids would love helping hide eggs and Easter treats among the plants.


Easter Grass Container Garden

Easter grass containers are perfect to plant with children. Really pretty, but they are also easy to plant and decorate. And, the grass looks lovely in almost any container.

Easter Grass planter

Here is a super cute wheat grass container garden from creativegreenliving.com that uses colored Easter eggs tucked inside. How simple and lovely with the galvanized metal container for a flower pot.

Another charming way to use wheat grass for an Easter container garden is seen below with the teacup garden from Lets Go Fly a Kite.

Easter grass teacup container garden

Here, they used a teacup for the flower pot and decorated with a little Easter bunny gardener. So adorable. I found this post for a friend of mine who collects antique tea cups and has so many that she doesn’t know what to do with them! Here is the perfect project for her! They are so adorable, I can’t stand it. I am going to have to make this as soon as I get some wheat grass!

Easter planter with grass and eggs

A third wheat grass project is show above using a basket for a garden container and decorated with 3 ribbon decorated dyed Easter eggs.

To grow wheat grass in time for Easter, plan for about a week of time to grow the grass. It will be ready to go about 7 days after planting.

Daffodil Easter Container Garden

And, what flower do you think of when you think Spring? My go to is daffodils! I just love the bright yellow reaching up to greet me – sometimes even through the snow! What a wonderful way to herald Spring.

Easter Spring planter with daffodils

The above garden container uses daffodils grown in the flower pots, and has some Easter eggs tucked underneath the greenery with an Easter bunny hiding behind the stalks. This would look pretty with moss or evergreens covering the soil.

Easter Spring planter garden

This daffodil container garden is decorated with some river stone, raffia formed like a nest and wonderful speckled eggs. This planter is so creative!

Crocus Spring Garden

The other flower that just screams Spring is crocus! Who can be sad when the see that beautiful purple blossoms poking out of the snow?

Easter Spring planter

This garden basket is planted with purple crocuses and decorated with some twigs and a hidden Easter egg!


Easter Spring planter bunny

Finally, here is our Easter bunny hiding among the flowers in her own little garden.

Easter Spring planters for porch decor, container gardens

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