Flea Market Gardening – DIY Succulent Terrarium

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flea market gardening

Here is another planter I made from my flea market hunting. I found the pieces around the same time as the pieces for the Flea Market Planter. I love these pieces together, and the shabby chic, rustic look of it all. My friend is planning a rustic wedding, and these are just the sort of pieces she is making for the table decorations!

flea market gardening - succulent terrarium

For this planter project, I used a cute, short and stout found candlestick and a cheese plate with a glass dome cover. Cheese plates with dome covers are easy to find in Goodwill, they have some almost every time I am there! And, they make perfect bases for terrariums.

I also used an Unfinished wood circle plaque for the base.

  • First, I cleaned and sanded all the pieces, including the Unfinished wood circle plaque.
  • I then glued the the bottom of the candlestick to the wood plaque. For this, I used to do everything the “right” way and drill a hole, glue with Wood Gorilla glue, put the wood pieces together and then install a wood screw. This way works GREAT and is very sturdy. However, have I mentioned that I am very immediate gratification in my crafts? For this project, I used a glue gun, with the glue set at the hot setting.
    • When I have tested this method compared to the “right” method by trying to take the pieces apart, I find the glue gun on the hot setting really works just as well. The unfinished wood really sticks very strongly using the glue gun. So, I recommend both methods, depending on your preference.
  • Next, I primed and painted the pieces for my new succulent terrarium with the desired paint color
  • Using the glue gun, I glued the cheese tray to the top of the candlestick.


flea market gardening - succulent terrarium

And that is it! This is about the easiest, most gorgeous project ever! The only down side to this project, is that when I placed it on my kitchen counter, the kids thought I had made them fancy cupcakes every time they came home. After checking under the dome about a dozen times, they finally got the hint that the succulents were not magically changing into sweets.

However, this would also make a perfect sweets display!

flea market gardening - succulent terrarium



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