Flea Market Hanging Planter – Ombres Planter from Wood Bowls

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Hanging planter - wood bowls


Here is another hanging planter project made from flea market finds. These bowls were bought a while ago from Goodwill – I had planned on making more serving bowls on pedestals, but they just didn’t work out. They were too square for what I wanted. I pulled them out recently to consider them as possible hanging planters. hmmmm…

I really needed to work with some color about now, after working with so much black and brown leather lately! And, I wanted to find a non-traditional way to hang them – something a bit industrial, and something a bit left-over from my basement 🙂


Hanging planter - wood bowls


So, I painted these planter containers blue. Or, rather, I tried to paint them blue with a lovely turquoise paint in my paint supply. Unfortunately, I only had a little, tiny bit of blue paint. I started cutting the paint for each subsequent bowl by adding white, and ended with the beautiful blue ombres effect. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention!


Hanging planter - wood bowls


To make these hanging planters, you just need:

  1. Fan pull ball chain
  2. 12 Fan pull ball chain connectors
  3. Wire cutters
  4. 3 Wooden bowls (you can use as many bowls as you would like, but you will need more ball chain and ball chain connectors for each additional bowl. I have a fourth that will be added eventually)
  5. Drill
  6. Paint – choice of color and white
  7. PolycrylicHanging planter - wood bowls
  • First, coat the bowls, inside and out with either a primer, or the polycrylic.
  • Paint one bowl with the darkest color
  • Add a little white to the paint, and paint the second bowl
  • Continue adding white to the paint and paint each bowl.
  • Finish the hanging planter bowls with Polycrylic
  • Drill holes on the sides of the bowls
  • Cut the Fan pull ball chain to the desired height for the distance you want between the hanging planter bowls plus the length of the hole
  • Insert the chain into the holes of the bottom planter bowl
  • Install the ball chain connectors on the bottom of the chain
  • Install the ball chain connectors on the top of the chain
  • Insert the chain into the holes of the next bowl and connect the chain to the connectors below.
  • Continue doing this until all desired bowls are connected.

Hanging planter - wood bowls

I love the look of this ombres effect on the hanging planter. I plan on adding the fourth bowl when I get more Fan pull ball chain! I think this would be the perfect plant hanger for my kitchen herb garden. And the color will brighten up the winter months.

These plant holders will be wonderful for a small garden, balcony garden or indoor herb garden.

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