Flea Market Planter – Succulent Planter from Goodwill

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This flea market planter is not exactly a hanging planter, but it is definitely a cool creative planter. And, it does technically fit the definition of “flowerups” by raising the planter on a cute pedestal!

hanging planter

This succulent planter was made from putting discarded pieces together to make something even better. I hunt garage sales and Goodwill for wood pieces that can be combined to make something awesome, especially creative planter ideas. I had found a candlestick and this awesome large round bowl earlier this year. They were just waiting around for the perfect project.

Flea market succulent planter

Then, I started noticing all the awesome succulent planters  – and decided to take the plunge. Does anyone else ever find a really great piece for someday crafting and then hate to use it, because then it will be gone? I guess having it means possibilities, and using it, the possibilities are gone. But enough metaphysical deep thinking. The time was NOW! And, I am glad I finally used that bowl, the cactus planter came out awesome!

Flea market succulent planter

Materials Needed for succulent planter:

  1. Wood bowl
  2. Wood candlestick
  3. Wood Glue (I love Gorilla glue)
  4. Wood Screws
  5. Wood Filler
  6. Drill
  7. Screwdriver
  8. Paint
  9. Planter liner – I used a clear plastic 10 inch saucer that usually goes underneath planters and flower pots.

Really, the hard part is finding the right bowl and candlestick to use for the project. Once you find them, the rest is easy.

Flea market succulent planter


  • First, center the bowl onto the candlestick. Drill a hole through the bottom of the bowl and into the candlestick. Apply glue to the top of the candlestick, and screw the bowl to the candlestick.
  • Fill the screw hole with wood filler
  • When the wood filler is dry, sand and paint the planter
  • When the paint is dry, distress the paint with sandpaper, if desired

Flea market succulent planter

  • Use a nail or scissors to put a couple of small holes in the planter liner
  • Add rocks and soil to the plant liner
  • Plant the succulents, cactus, etc.
  • Insert the liner into the planter and voila!
  • I am planning on getting a second 10 inch saucer to put between the liner and the wood planter to catch the water drips and try to save the wood. (Gosh, I guess I am really attached to this bowl!)

Flea market succulent planter

Flea market succulent planter

succulents and terrariums

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  1. Nikki
    | Reply

    That is super cool! I’ve been looking for large, flat planters to build a succulent center piece for my dining room table. Off to go garage sale hunting!

    • Flowerups
      | Reply

      Thanks! I think I got the idea for a centerpiece succulent planter from you!

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