Recycled Garden Ideas – DIY Herb Planter

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Recently, I have been fascinated and amused by all the clever upcycled garden containers I see on Pinterest. I am challenging myself to see how many re-used items can be found and made into DIY indoor planters and creative outdoor planters for flowers or vegetables. I think the possibilities are endless for unusual planter ideas!

Feel free to submit yours, if you have a cool garden planter you have made!

My first attempt are some herb planters made with the first thing I saw in my recycle bin – supplement containers. They seem too good just to throw away.

Supplement containersSo, I pulled them out and washed them, then cut off the tops.

upcycled containers for planters

The labels wouldn’t come off completely, and I didn’t really want to spend money on goo gone or other petroleum based product, when the idea is to re-use an item and not pollute! Usually, I use olive oil to get off sticky goo, but sadly it failed me this time. So, I decided to cover the stubborn glue with leftover fabric and Mod Podge.

upcycled containers for planters

It kind of goes with my kitchen, which has black painted cabinets and a modern feel.

upcycled containers for planters

Here are the finished containers with some herbs planted:

upcycled containers for planters

These turned out pretty cute – not bad DIY indoor planter for a first try.

Unusual planter ideas

One thing I recommend, which I did not do yet, is to drill holes in the bottom, and put the planters on a tray.

herb gardens and indoor gardens

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